Scrobble Swipper

What is Scrobble Swipper

Scrobble Swipper is a small perl program that has the ability to rip a user's "scrobbles." It uses regular expressions to strip a uers recently listened to pages of useless information and store the users scrobbles in a clear text file line by line in order of Track, Artist, Timestamp.

Project Plan

The project plan is to use this program as a migration tool to a open source based site. This project is a part of a larger project OpenScrobble

Why? seems to work just fine

The issue is that is not built on open source principals. As such, this project intends to create a alternative to that model, one that is more driven by the community. A more open development process and interaction with the community we feel is essential. has outgrown its community and as such does not interact with that community as it should, as a partner and not a marketing target.

This makes the goal of the OpenScrobble project to also to create a community rather then a corporation. We wish to provide the choice of having a website that is essentially run by the community so that conflicting goals of pleasing the user and profit are non existent.

Getting Involved

You can get involved by either joining the Scrobble Swipper project here on Sourceforge or by helping out with the OpenScrobble project as a whole. We need web developers and more expirienced coders for this project. Go to the OpenScrobble site and join the forums or take a look at the wiki. You can also hop onto the Freenode IRC server and join